Abilene's only over 40 upscale fitness center

We specialize in helping people over 40 get back into shape and live a healthier life through fitness.

 4 – Weeks of Accountability is designed to give you CONFIDENCE to Achieve Your Goals in the Gym 

Our training approach

We understand that walking into a fitness facility can be intimidating and that you may fear feeling awkward or out of place.

At Hendrick Health Club, we offer a different type of fitness experience. Unlike many gyms that are only geared towards the already fit, we have designed our facility with the beginner in mind.

We believe all people need to strength train. Strength training will actually make you feel great while improving strength and performance. It’s common to finish a weight lifting workout feeling better than when you started. This not only helps you train more effectively over the long-term, it also helps you maintain motivation to continue training and making progress.

We created a 4 – week training trial to help get you started and plugged into our culture. There is no commitment other than you showing up and putting in the work for 4 weeks.  You will have full gym access and more.

What's included in the 4 weeks?

6 sessions over 4 weeks

Full gym access to both locations

Professional guidance

Work with our highly skilled personal trainers

unlimited premium classes

Focus on Strength, Endurance, Balance & Stability

Accountability training offers are valid only once per year. Must be 18 years of age and local resident.

4 - week accountability membership

I'm Ready to get Started

6 - week accountability membership form

What are your goals?

Meet the trainers

This is the group of personal trainers that will be working with you throughout your 4 – week mini training membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, anyone wanting to learn about fitness, achieve goals, and become the best version of themselves.

No. You will work with a personal trainer and up to two others in a session.

Download our app in the app store on your phone. Search Hendrick-Health club.

No membership is required. This is a trial membership for 4 weeks to both locations. Members are also eligible to do the 4 – week training experience as a membership add – on. See the front desk at either location for more details.