Can I tryout the gym?

Yes, we allow you to do one – 7 day trial per year for FREE , and you can also come with a member for $7.50 guest fee any time of the year.

Do I have to be a member to do PT or Pilates?

No, you are allowed to do Personal Training or Pilates as a non-member, but Hendrick health club members do receive preferred pricing. Depending on how many times you train per month it might be advantageous to join the gym to receive the discount, also you can participate in all the other services and classes at the gym.

How long are the contracts?

The best price option for our contracts are on a 12 month commitment, but we do offer memberships for 3 months and for 1 month at a time at a higher price point.

Do you have kids area?

Yes, the kidz zone is an interactive area that allows your children to have their time as you have your own personal time in the club. It is available for 6 month – 12 year old children. Come in and find out all the details by visiting with a Kidz Zone staff member.