Personal Training

The workouts are geared to improve your current fitness level. They allow everyone, from the beginner to the advanced, to learn fundamental exercises to look good, feel great, and improve your quality of life.
Improving your fitness level is also about nutrition, so each trainer will talk to you about making steps to improving your diet.


1/1 , Small Group, Large Group(Power in Motion), Kick Start Bootcamp and Virtual training

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Haley Brock-Rocha

What to expect

At Hendrick Health Club we have some of the most qualified, experienced coaches in the world who will write your training programs, help you with your nutrition, and guide you in the right direction of your fitness goals!

Our Mission is to help you feel comfortable at our health club, and feel energized, empowered, and confident to become the best version of yourself.

kickstart bootcamp

Torry will challenge you with strength and functional training to KICK START your mornings. 

Torry Frazier

Over 35 years of experience

kick start class

large group training (power in motion)

Power in Motion large group training class is a 60-minute, full-body training session designed to develop core strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and joint range of motion. This exciting workout format engages all the muscles to work together while using dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, ropes and balance training devices. Power in Motion allows all participants, from beginners to seasoned athletes, to be challenged and improve their overall fitness level in a fun, safe and effective workout.

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virtual training(online)

train at home

If you are not ready to come to the health club we have an option to train at home.