What is the Best Way to Burn Fat?

What is the Best Way to Burn Fat?


The simple answer is that there is no “best way” to burn fat.  Each person will respond differently to a training program, however here are some tips that you can apply when designing your program.


If you want to burn fat  you will have to incorporate exercises that require you to use many muscle groups like squats, deadlifts, cleans, overhead press, etc, rather than doing things that require less muscle group involvement like seated exercises. If you want burn fat then you have to move and lift some weights. This goes for you to ladies, don’t think too much about it, you won’t get bulky. It will give you the lean, toned look you are looking for. 


 If you move more(do exercises that require more muscles) and you eat less(lower your calorie intake) then you will be on       your way to burning fat.  There isn’t an exercise that will help you to isolate an area on your body to burn fat. You could do 1,000 crunches, but if you aren’t in a calorie deficit it’s going to be tough to burn the fat that is on top of your 6 pack abs. It really does start in the kitchen. Give yourself good things to eat, and your body will thank you. 


Instead of jumping on the treadmill to run lots of miles, do this instead. Try to do exercises that involve you to push, pull, bend, squat, hold, and change levels. Exercises like: clean and press, box jumps, burpees, planks, cable rotations, are all great exercises that will help your heart rate stay elevated as well as helping your body to get stronger and move better. It’s about longevity and keeping your body pressing forward in order to burn fat. 


If you decide to jump on the treadmill, do intervals. Run for 100 meters, walk a 100 meters, run 200 meters or for 30 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. Intervals are really great because they increase the heart rate then they decrease the heart rate. Doing this will help improve your cardiovascular endurance as well as keep your body guessing. You always want to have the upper hand when exercising, because your body will try to out wit you. Don’t let it, let’s stay in front and keep it guessing. The more confused it is the more calories your body will burn. 


I hope this makes sense, because there are lots of ways to help you burn fat. Find the things you enjoy because this will help you be more consistent, and motivated along the way. If you decide to join a gym or health club, make sure you are having fun while you are there because this goes along way while you are burning the fat off of your body. 


If you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out, because we are here to serve and help with any questions that you have. Good luck and have fun.


Andrew Bustos

Manager of Training and fitness at Hendrick Health Club

Personal Trainer

IG :@bustostraining


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