Cycle Revolution

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RPM Rides

Jump into an RPM Rides adventure and pedal through peaks and valleys! Our high-energy indoor cycling classes are like a party on a bike. With upbeat music and big-screen action, youʼll forget itʼs a workout!

Sprint Blast

Sprint Blast is your quick, high-intensity cycle challenge! In just 30 minutes, torch calories and build strength with our power-packed workouts. Itʼs short, super-charged, and super fun!

Trip Journey

Embark on a Trip Journey! Our immersive cycling experience takes you through digital worlds. As you pedal, enjoy the sights on our cinema-sized screen. Itʼs not just exercise; itʼs an epic adventure every ride!

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Ready to ride? Letʼs talk! Hit ʼJoin Usʼ and start your cycle cinema journey today!

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Hendrick Health Club North


2110 Pine St

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